« DARE THE DIFFERENCE, with the help of our experts, in only 2 days! »

In just a few short minutes, you will discover how to push back the limits of your biz, whether you are an entrepreneur, a Conference speaker, or an MC.  Learn how to elevate yourself in only 2 days!

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Are you just beginning as a Conference speaker?  Or are you already a professional speaker?  Are you an independent entrepreneur? A Coach? A Trainer?

You most probably have already heard the proverb « Alone you may go quickly, together you go farther ».

And you know that it’s true.  You have had good results but … you are beginning to notice that your business may be stagnating.

You can’t seem to be able to sign new contracts; you don’t know where to go to find new clients, but you do know there are star entrepreneurs or conference speakers out there who do succeed – but you don’t know what magic formula they use to boost their biz… 

It’s true that when you are alone you can certainly go more quickly, you can “get lucky”, you can have a stroke of good fortune in those glorious professions of freelancers, conference speakers. 

But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you have recurrent busines.  One year may be busy, but that does not mean that the next one will be the same.

You can spend your life on the ‘phone … without getting any contracts.

You can easily forget how to talk about what you do effectively.  Unfortunately, too much fighting and trying so hard to get those contracts which never come  can lead to you being exhausted, demotivated, or even … turning your back on your dreams.

And that is simply ….not possible.

How can we abandon that very thing which made us stand up and speak out?  How can we give up something so full of meaning for us?

Together we are strong !

– So what if you could take advantage of the very latest market discoveries to propel your business onto a new stable orbit? 
– And what if you could, in a short space of time, meet and connect with inspirational entrepreneurs, experienced conference speakers who are further along the pathway to success than you are? 

This is why we have created #elevate2020 – « Dare the difference »

The only European event to boost your speaker and freelancer activity. 

During these 2 exceptional days, thanks to our experts, you will discover: 

@ What it means to be a professional conference speaker
@ How to create your Conference subject range so as to progress from amateur to professional
@ How to surround yourself with leading professionals and create a powerful network
@ How to set up strategic partnerships to get more engagements
@ How to teach public speaking
@ What’s new in the profession
@ What will make your career take off, and continue
@ How to work with a mentor and to take your delivery to the next level.

As an independent entrepreneur, you certainly know that « networking is like gold  »; so during our event you will be able to contact your future associates, and begin fruitful partnerships. 
You will also discover how to monetise your knowledge, your know-how, by giving highly paid conferences. 

#elevate2020, is also the place to be for experienced professional speakers!  They will be delighted to discover:

Best practices for marketing your conferences

Tips and tricks to become really unforgettable on stage
Discover the Conference 2.0

How to understand the digital world of tomorrow’s conferences

After these amazing two days, you will have a new way of looking at the way you can take your speaker or freelance business to the next level.

We are ligning up speakers for you, some of the best experts in the world, to share with you today’s  most effective ,strategies for developing your biz.

Specialists in conference speaking, entrepreneurship, and personal development will all be there, dedicated solely to the mission of providing you with the tools you need to grow your business.

Each of these experts normally charge thousands for their services!  We should be charging AT LEAST 5000 euros for an event like #elevate2020!

However, with the earlybird price up to February 29th 2020, a ticket for AFCP/GSF members will give you 2 seats at #elevate2020, for 360€. For non-members of AFCP/GSF, the ticket for 2 seats is 450€.

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Once you have bought your ticket, you will receive full instructions on how to attend the conference on 5th and 6th June and how to grow your business.

In the confirmation e-mail you receive, you will also find a list of the best hotels near the conference, so as to take full advantage of your stay in the glorious city of  Paris.